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Pioneers with Polythene

bpi.films is a division of British Polythene Industries (BPI), a leading European manufacturer of polythene film. Its range of products provides secure, cost-effective transit and primary packaging to a variety of industry sectors and includes:

  • Collation shrink films
  • Produce films
  • Bread films
  • Liquid packaging films
  • Surface protection films
  • Lamination films
  • Security films
  • Deep freeze films
  • Mailing films
  • Label & coating films
  • Biopolymer films

We aim to provide outstanding service through:

  • developing long term customer and supplier relationships
  • the provision of solutions tailored to the customers needs
  • working with customers at all levels to develop products
  • supporting products with trials where necessary
  • ensuring consistency from reel to reel, order to order
  • providing the best overall value

The BPI Group is a major supplier of:

  • packaging for the protection of food and other goods
  • agricultural and horticultural films to over 60 countries worldwide
  • films for the construction industry

BPI is also the largest recycler of polythene film waste in Europe recycling over 80,000 tonnes of post-use polythene material from commercial, retail, industrial and agricultural markets.