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Quality & Hygiene

At bpi.films we pay more than lip service to the notion of quality. Every aspect of our operations - from the raw materials we use through to our production lines and our delivery procedures - is subject to stringent quality controls to ensure they comply with the high standards our customers have come to expect of us. In addition, we are regularly vetted by industry bodies and quality assurance organisations.

Demonstrating our total commitment to delivering the highest standards of products and service, we hold a number of certifications across our sites:


Certificate No. Q 05261, ISO 9001:2008

Certificate No. Q 05261
ISO 9001:2008

Certificate No. 9045, BRC/IOP Packaging Standard

Certificate No. 9045
BRC/IOP Packaging Standard








Certificate No. QM0015, ISO 9001:2008

Certificate No. QM0015
ISO 9001:2008

Certificate No. BR0125, BRC/IOP Global Standard (For Packaging and Packaging Materials)

Certificate No. BR0125
BRC/IOP Global Standard
For Packaging and Packaging Materials