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In today's environmentally-aware world, polythene packaging must do more than package, protect and contain. It must perform all of these functions and in a way that's sustainable.

At bpi.films, we don't just know this; we advocate it and continue to develop solutions accordingly. Our own commitment to the environment has made us the experts in creating products that allow customers to enjoy all the benefits of polythene - such as its light weight, high strength and enormous flexibilty - whilst enhancing their environmental credentials. In line with our commitment to promote and support the 3R's, all of our polythene films are 100% recyclable and many have also been downgauged.

We also recognise there is a place for biopolymer products as an alternative to traditional polythene based products. It's this understanding that has led us to the creation of our biopolymer film range. Designed to complement our already environmentally sound product portfolio, this range represents the culmination of our extensive technical expertise and our research programme. Serving as just the latest example in a long tradition of innovation, these films perform as well as our 'conventional' products but offer added ecological benefits by virtue of the raw materials used - making them the ideal choice for customers with specific environmental requirements. Our range includes:

  • Degradable films which fragment and break down under the influence of light and heat.
  • Biodegradable films which decompose when they come into contact with microbial activity
  • Compostable films which decompose with microbial activity within a specific time frame

bpi.films' biopolymer range has been designed to complement, rather than replace, our existing film products. Biopolymer plastics are primarily designed to be controlled-life products and their breakdown is subject to exposure to light, heat and oxygen. As such, their shelf-life will vary according to the degree of which they are exposed to these conditions.

At the same time however, the primary purpose of plastic films is to protect and contain and they need to be durable enough to fulfil this purpose. Failure to do so can result in the end product being wasted through spoilage which has its own environmental impact - especially in the case of food items.

At BPI we believe that a comprehensive portfolio should include traditional, recyclable products which are supported by a range of degradable, biodegradable and compostable films. Furthermore, bpi.films works closely with its sister company, bpi.recycled products, to encourage the recycling of conventional polythene films. As the largest recycler of polythene in Europe, reprocessing over 80,000 tonnes per annum, bpi.recycled products recycles polythene waste from industrial, agricultural and horticultural sources into a diverse range of products including garden furniture, street posts, refuse sacks and fencing.