• Film usages


The same commitment to innovation and quality that has led to bpi.films' success in the food and drink sector and the wider supply chain is also evident in a broad range of specialist sectors. Ongoing investment in the latest technology, decades of experience and comprehensive technical expertise has enabled us to develop bespoke solutions for a diverse range of applications.

Our technical films includes products designed for any array of industries including medical, pharmaceutical and other specialist manufacturing applications.

Specifically designed to meet the challenges of the medical industry, we have developed a series of innovative and highly technical films for print, conversion and lamination in the healthcare sector. Thanks to our rigorous control systems and quality procedures, such products offer exceptional reliability and traceability whilst also meeting the stringent hygiene levels required.

Ultimately, the sheer variety of our portfolio comined with our breadth of experience and our ability to create tailored solutions enables us to offer an answer to almost any need.