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Unprinted Collation

If you're looking for a cost effective, highly efficient and incredibly versatile means of protecting products in storage and in transit, collation shrink film is the ideal solution. For many years, bpi.films has been at the forefront of the research, development and manufacture of this packaging medium and as a result, our product portfolio now represents one of the most capable and innovative on the market.

Novatek Shrinkfilm Technology - unprinted 

A production line running consistently well is a production line running cost-effectively. Recognising this, bpi.films has developed its Novatek shrinkfilm range.

Renowned for its high performance and impressive consistency, the Novatek range of unprinted collation shrink films delivers trouble-free wrapping time after time, batch after batch. This means our customers can enjoy enhanced operational efficiencies, high productivity and reduced downtime.

Novatek is produced using the latest polymer blends and extrusion equipment with close tolerance gauge control. As a result, it benefits from a downgauged film profile to deliver reduced environmental impact whilst offering impressive levels of strength that can negate the need for trays. In addition, Novatek is 100% recyclable.

The innovative Novatek range sets new standards in reduced environmental impact also. Our downgauged film options deliver outstanding pack integrity using less film per wrap. As such, users can optimise line efficiencies and enjoy greener credentials.

Despite their reduced thickness Novatek downgauged films help to make packing operations more productive thanks to the greater length of product available on each reel. This additional meterage allows users to wrap more packs per reel, thereby reducing the frequency of reel changes. Consequently, this means higher throughput per hour and improved operator efficiency.

Additionally, the Novatek downgauged range can reduce users' waste streams as less (of this 100% recyclable) film by volume is used to wrap a given order. As each reel is longer, more film can be delivered on a standard pallet thereby reducing the number of deliveries required and the associated CO2 emissions.

As well as their exceptional quality and strength, Novatek collation shrink films boast great optical characteristics. Combined, these properties make Novatek an ideal packaging choice that can protect and secure your goods in storage, transit and on-shelf.