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Printed Collation

As with our unprinted range Novatek Printed Collation film offers excellent value and flexibility as a means of protecting products in storage and in transit. Additionally their exceptional print quality provides a cost-effective visual impact that helps packaged goods to stand out on today's crowded retail shelves.

Novatek Shrinkfilm Technology - printed

The remarkable optical properties of the Novatek Printed Collation range are delivered through the expert application of up to 8 colours to deliver outstanding image depth and vibrancy. As well as having excellent visual impact, the Novatek printed range delivers outstanding strength and performance allowing customers to enjoy trouble-free wrapping and increased wrapping efficiencies.

As with our Unprinted Collation films the Novatek Printed range incorporates the latest advances in polymer and extrusion technology to offer all the protection and performance of a conventional shrinkfilm but from a thinner film profile. As a result, our customers need less film by weight to wrap a given pack and, consequently, create less packaging waste. Plus, the Novatek printed range is 100% recyclable.

These thinner profile films enable more film to be wound onto a reel compared to a conventional thickness product. Not only does this reduce delivery requirements and associated vehicle smission, it enables more units to be packed with fewer stoppages for reel changes.

The environmental credentials of the Novatek printed range are further enhanced by the solvent free plate making technology used in their production which eliminates ozone damaging volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from the manufacturing process.

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