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Bread bag film

Our speciality bread bag films help to maximise the shelf life and visual appeal of bakery goods. These films benefit from strong optical properties whilst employing special polymers which allow the film to be thinner than traditional products. As such, our bread bag range offers a reduced environmental impact as there is less film by weight to dispose of post use. Additionally, the downgauged profile of the range means that more film can be accommodated on a standard reel thereby maximising reel yields and reducing unit costs.

Coin bag film

bpi.films offers a range of high strength films with good sealing characteristics. Ideal for packing coins on VFFS machines with constantly heated sealing jaws, these films provide significant cost advantages over laminates. They can also accept punch-out handles and tamper evident sealing strips.

Courier bag film

Our range includes films which seal at low temperatures allowing packing lines to run at faster speeds, as well as films that provide improved sealing when the area of the item being sealed is prone to contamination, for instance by sugar or fat.

In addition, we manufacture films that are fin or lap sealable to OPP giving you a broader choice of sealing windows for OPP/PE laminates.

All our high performance sealing films are co-extruded enabling us to use one layer for the sealing properties and the others for additional features such as easier tear, enhanced puncture resistance or stiffness.

Deep freeze films

  • EVA-based films - ideal for skirt-weld and other deep freeze applications they are highly durable and offer good sealing characteristics.
  • Linear rich films - with good optical properties these films have impressive strength, faster processing speeds and the ability to seal through treatment.
  • Co-extrusion films - available in a ‘standard’ or ‘superior’ grade, these high strength films offer enhanced print presentation whilst also able to seal through treatment.

Labels and coating

bpi.films employs advanced manufacturing techniques to ensure these films offer uniform thickness and composition and remain flat, enabling them to run at high speeds and reduce machine rejection through variations in reel profile. Clear and pigmented options are available.

Paper match film

Our paper match films have been developed to imitate the ‘dead-fold’ properties of paper, whilst retaining the production, presentation and shelf life advantages of a PE film. Consisting of both mono and co-extruded films, this range is suited to a variety of applications and is available with matt or gloss finishes.

Produce film

Suitable for a broad spectrum of produce types, these films deliver impressive consistency and fast, trouble-free conversion. They also offer strong optical properties allowing the packaged product to be clearly seen and for designs to be reproduced with stunning results. Actual film grades can be tailored to meet the desired impact strength requirements.

Tissue wrap/Personal care film

Produced using special polymers, these films are of minimal thickness which means more film can be accommodated on a standard reel maximising yields, reducing reel changes and improving efficiency. Features such as micro-perforation can also be built in enabling the packaging to breathe.

White opaque co-extruded film

Designed for use on VFFS and HFFS packing machines with constant heat type sealing jaws, this film facilitates a strong lock up seal and is corona treated for printing.

White pigmented co-extruded film

Developed to meet the needs of confectionery applications, this film is corona treated on both sides for printing and cold seal coating.

Natural co-extruded impulse seal film

Also corona treated for printing and suitable for use on high speed impulse seal VFFS packing machines, this film is commonly used for sugar and other granular food products.