• Film usages


Mono and co-extruded lamination films

Produced using state-of-the-art extrusion lines complete with computer controls, hi-tech monitoring equipment and precision additive inclusion/dispersion technology, our Advanced Lamination Technology offers exceptional consistency in both thickness and appearance.

An extensive range to suit almost any packaging application

  • Over 40 different variations of colours, opaque shades and tints
  • Films based on LDPE, EVA, LLDPE lean and LLDPE rich blends
  • High, medium and low slip films
  • Medium density films for higher temperature applications or where greater stiffness is required
  • Experts in developing bespoke solutions

Lamination films with additional performance characteristics

Sometimes you may require packaging that offers all the performance and versatility of a monolayer film, but with additional in-built properties. Recognising this, bpi.films has also developed:

Peelable films

  • High slip peelable films with good hot tack properties. These are ideal for VFFS applications and offer an attractive alternative to lock-up packs
  • Films that peel to trays made of various materials including PET, PVC, PS, PP and aluminium foil
  • Peelable films with or without an anti-fog additive for sealing to PE lined trays.

High performance sealing films

Our range includes films which seal at low temperatures allowing packing lines to run at faster speeds, as well as films that provide improved sealing when the area of the item being sealed is prone to contamination, for instance by sugar or fat.

In addition, we manufacture films that are fin or lap sealable to OPP giving you a broader choice of sealing windows for OPP/PE laminates.

All our high performance sealing films are co-extruded enabling us to use one layer for the sealing properties and the others for additional features such as easier tear, enhanced puncture resistance or stiffness.

Anti-fog films

We offer a range of films with anti-fog additive that minimises the build up of moisture and that helps to reduce the appearance of condensation. These films are peelable to LDPE, PP and PS.

Anti-static films

Ideal for powdery or fine products or for applications where static build up can be an issue, these films have an antistatic additive which reduces the film’s surface resistivity.

Laminate replacement

Where no gas barrier is required, laminate replacement films are a cost effective alternative. They can run on automated packing lines with constantly heated sealing jaws and can be surface treated for printing.

Natural ionometer film

Designed for frozen meat packs, this film offers a unique combination of benefits including excellent sealing and anti-contamination characteristics, good hot tack capabilities, impressive clarity, high puncture resistance and exceptional low temperature strength.

Natural co-extruded differential temperature film

Ideal for use on packing machines with constant heat sealing jaws as well as on crimp seal VFSS machines, this film offers high stiffness and can be sealed at a wide range of temperatures. Its impressive temperature differential and puncture resistance make it a popular choice for packaging abrasive or sharp items.