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The transportation and storage of products such as glass and thermoformed sheet can be fraught with danger. Even with the most careful procedures in place, there is still a risk of products being marked or scratched making them unsalable further down the supply chain. To address this challenge, bpi.films have developed SPF - a range of specialist protective films including one designed specifically for use with heat treated glass.

This tried and tested solution was meticulously developed to offer optimum levels of strength and, in turn, protection against costly damage.

Easy to use

SPF is easy to apply and has excellent adhesion properties. Unlike adhesive tab separators, SPF provides uniform protection for the entire surface of the glass.

Easy to remove

SPF can be removed from your toughened glass or thermoformed sheet just as easily as it was applied and it leaves no residue - an especially important consideration for double glazed windows where any deposit left in the sealed unit can cause fogging.

Good value for money

To provide more value bpi.films has used technological innovation to reduce the thickness of SPF from 50mμ to 40mμ without making any compromise on protection. Two standard widths are also available from stock - 1200mm or 1500mm. SPF comes in three colours: natural, green and blue to aid the easy identification of differing glass products.